Compiling Capsa Susun Victory

Compiling Capsa Susun Victory

Capsa Stacking Game is a playing card game that is arranged into a top three bottom center order. The arrangement of cards is similar to the arrangement of poker card games. the capsa stacking game becomes a little more sutured than the poker game given the difficulty of getting or arranging to get the highest order. Capsa stacking this game historically this game starts from mainland China. at first the capsa stacking game. Fun game for the Chinese soldiers who play leisure time in the middle of war. This prank game initially used careless tools such as wood, stone and even war equipment that they used to fight, which could be found. the word capsa has the meaning of the word thirteen, it refers to the cards played are thirteen cards that will be arranged into three parts. At first the game was not created for gambling but for fun only. But in the development of technology and time this game is used as a means of gambling.
Capsa slam variations on the first stacking capsa card

In the capsa stacking card game there are two variations, namely capsa banting and capsa stacking, permsa caping banting is a game made by several players with a maximum of 4 people, at least 2 people. Yes, if you play cards, you are alone, you don’t name them when you play cards, but you predict your fortune. Come back to the subject! The cappsa banting card is the player who is then required to arrange the cards before playing cards with opponents. This game after getting a section of 13 cards then arranged into three parts. It is expected that a concentration is sufficient so that in the meantime the player can arrange with the highest order. After that, it is considered sufficient, then the player slams one by one the arrangement of his cards with opponents who has the highest value in each stacking, they will get the victory. The arrangement of cards slammed at the same time does not compare to the various cards.
Capsa stacking variations of the second capsa card

Capsa susnn is the second variant of the capsa card game, the arrangement of the cards is almost the same as poker, but the method is different. It’s a bit more complicated, isn’t it? Compared to making fried capcai. Why is the fried cape really related? The connection is that when I’m tired of playing, I’m eating fried capcai, so I’m full. Back to the topic! This capsa stacking game is also the same as the maximum played by 4 people and at least 2 people are played so as not to predict the fate.

The next game after 13 cards are dealt, then the player arranges these decked cards for later arrangement compared to division with opponents. More or less like a trump card. Wow, don’t let the gambling lovers don’t know either playing trump card. But it doesn’t matter. It is still almost the same as playing capsa banter after being compiled by getting the highest card value in each of the matches then comparing one by one with the opponent playing for the player who wins and runs out first the card is the winner. This means that their card points are the highest.

Well it’s a bit about playing capsa stacking and capsa banting cards, how about you are you still confused? This game is usually a little difficult if you remember naturally, so don’t be confused just playing while training. (*)

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